European bison/bison 34-59-102cm


Eye size: 34mm

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With this bison/wisent model you can choose the most beautiful specimen.

The model is a shoulder mount and the viewing direction is straight ahead.
These Pu molds are anatomically correct and allow good processing with sizes 34-59-102, this is a very good basis for your project. To complete your specimen, you will of course also need ear amplifiers and glass eyes – here are the right products for you. The
o17 Bison earplugs
provide a solid base to maintain their natural shape and offer strength. The

190 ov e04 34mm glass eyes

are glass eyes with different colors for a lifelike result.
To glue the skin onto this model, simply roughen the mold and then simply glue it on with our

skin glue

. This will make your project a great success! The bison / wisent models are available in various shapes in the webshop. If you are looking for a larger or smaller model, take a look at the Bison / Wisent models for the right size.

Weight 10 kg

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